Notices of alleged illegal content

Notices of alleged illegal content is internet service provider. just display links to audiovisual content hosted by third parties as well as transmitted by third parties. We ( DOES NOT host or transmmit content which can be seen on this website. All videos on our website are freely available on other websites. Please use this tool to identify specific third party:

We are concerned about allegations about illegal content. Every takedown notice please send to this contact it will be: stopstreamagency@gmail[dot]com

Content from will be removed if your takedown notice contains these informations:

* Identity of the content that you claim to be illegal and the grounds for the illegality. * Identification of the location of the content that you claim to be illegal, including the exact URL of the webpage date and time you have identified the alleged illegal content and a screenshot of the webpage, displaying the alleged illegal content. * Your adress with contact * Statement where you have to declare: 1. Good fait that the disputed use of the content is not authorized by the owner. 2. Your informations in notice are accurate. 3. Declaration tha under penalty of perjury you are authorized to act on behalf of the right owner.